101 Basic of utilizing snapchat at its full potential

1.5: SHARING A SNAP: given that we’ve got a snap ready to go, let’s take a look at your alternatives for sharing it. You’ve basically got three alternatives for distributing content to others in the app: Add the snap to your story. Select one or more individual Snapchat friends to send the snap to as an immediate message.

Adding a snap to your story. To only add this snap to your story, tap the square with a plus in it. Bam! You’re all done; this snap will now be viewable in your Snapchat story to anybody who follows you for the following twenty four hours. Sending as a direct message. Tap the best arrow button and you’ll be presented with a summary of your Snapchat friends, tap the box next to the name of everyone you need the snap to be sent to, then tap the best arrow again to send. To send the snap as a primary message but also add it to your story, stick to the same process outlined in second step. Before sending the snap, however, make sure that ‘my story’ is selected as a recipient of the snap. Now your message will soon be sent to the specified users, but it has also been added to your story. Take a look at the GIF below for a step by step example!

In this GIF I send a finished snap to my story as well as 2 friends. You’ll notice one friend I select has a star next to their name instead of a box, that’s because Snapchat automatically populates the users you snap most abundant in as ‘Best Friends’ and puts them nearby the top of the friends list. In this GIF I send a finished snap to my story and to two friends. You’ll notice one friend I select has a star close to their name in place of a box, that’s because Snapchat automatically populates the users you snap most abundant in as ‘Best Friends’ and puts them close to the top of the friends list.

Notes on sharing snaps:

Anything added to your story will be viewable in the order added (so your story snaps will display to users in the order you took them, oldest to newest). Use this knowledge to help string together multiple snaps into a story or series that’s interesting to your audience. While messages sent directly self-destruct after 1 to 10 seconds, snaps added to your story can be viewed as many times as your followers desire within the 24 hour window. Snaps sent both to individual users as well as those added to your story can be screenshot. Screenshotted? I’m not sure what the proper term is, but you get the idea: Users are able to save stills from snaps they view. You will receive an alert if a user takes a screenshot of one of your snaps. You can see how many people have viewed your story by heading to the Stories Screen (swipe left from the home/camera screen), then tapping the 3 vertical dots to the right of ‘My Story’.

Finally, for your reference, here’s a cheat sheet for the sharing options on the edit screen after you’ve captured any snap: finished picture snap explanation “Spice up your snaps by adding text, stickers While putting out great content of your own should be your top priority, it’s important that you also interact with Snapchat friends – especially early on – to help kick start your engagement. Plus, you’ll want to start adding relevant contacts in order to have someone to show your content to.


In order to add a friend on Snapchat, you’ll need to head to the home/camera screen, and then press the little ghost icon at the top of the screen to head to your profile. From here, tap “Add Friends”. You’ll notice a number of options on the screen now, but the most common methods are to either add by username or by snapcode.

Adding via Username:
To add username, head to your profile page (swipe your finger top-to-bottom from the home/camera screen), tap ‘Add Friend’, tap ‘Add by username, then type in the username you’d like to add. Finally, a square with a plus sign in it will show up to the right of the username you’ve searched for. If this add button does not show up, that username does not exist. Below is what your screen should look like when you’ve searched for a user correctly:

A snapcode is a QR code-like array of dots arranged in a pattern unique to each user, when you hover snapchat’s home/camera screen over someone’s snapcode, you’ll be given the option to follow them. If you saw the snapcode on the device you’re currently using (so you can’t aim your camera at it), you can save it as a picture to your camera roll, then choose “Add By Snapcode”, choose the picture from your device’s camera roll, then tap that image and Snapchat will scan the image before giving you the option to add the user as a friend. Check out both ways to add via Snapcode below:


To check out the snaps your friends have added to their stories, you’ll need to swipe your finger right-to-left from the home/camera screen, which takes you to the ‘Stories Screen’. Here, simply tap on anyone’s name to check out what they’ve put on their story in the last 24 hours. To take a screenshot of someone else’s story element, you’ll use whatever shortcut you normally use on your device to screenshot (on iOS devices, this is a combination of holding the home button and the power button down at the same time). Again, this will alert the user that you’ve taken a screenshot of their content, so don’t think you’re being sneaky!


To have interaction directly with users that have reached out to you, you’ll need to swipe left-to-right from the home/camera screen. Here, you’ll be able to see a list of all of the snaps that are direct’ve been sent. Tapping on a name here will let you view content of these snap, swiping off to the right again on an individual’s name will enable you to respond to them directly with a text chat or snap of your own.

2.4: DECODING SNAPCHAT’S MESSAGE STATUS SYMBOLS: close to each person’s name in your Direct Messages screen, a symbol indicates for you both the sort of message they’ve last sent you (or you last sent them), and whether or otherwise not it's been viewed. Here’s a little chart to help you know the status of the one-to-one conversations with other users. For brands who could get messages sent in about thier latest stories, or from customers or followers with questions, the messages screen is an excellent way to give quick engagement back to people who bother reaching off to you directly. Here are a few of the most extremely common icons you’ll find next to someone’s name and also read about online Snaphack hack:


Swiping your way right-to-left from the home/camera screen once or twice will land you on the ‘Discover’ page – you probably recognize some of the brands and logos about this screen. Discover is an exclusive area for large content producers to put out polished, Snapchat-centered content from interactive news stories, to quizzes and more. It’s a micro-news platform that will just represent a whole new way for young adults to maintain with what’s taking place in the field. Snapchat discover isn’t where most brands are going to end any time up soon, you could put it to use to obtain some creative ideas for making use of Snapchat as a content distribution tool. Simply tap a brand’s icon in Snapchat Discover to view what they’re put out that day.